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If you want to read Mr. Bittner's thesis it is available on the ProQuest  
Dissertation and Thesis site available at most Universities and Colleges.
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I do a  lecture entitled "Lost Babes. Child apprentices, those "branded" in 
records, orphans train riders & others." Here are several references  you 
be interested in. The subject has many, many more  references.

Herndon,  Ruth Wallis. Unwelcome Americans; Living on the Margin in Early 
England (Philadelphia: University Press, 2001).
Bellemore, Marilyn. The  Exter Bastard Files: To ease tax burden, Exeter 
carted away unwed  mothers  (2005).

Sanborn, Melinde Lutz. Lost Babes. Fornication  Abstracts From Court 
Essex County, Massachusetts 1692 to 1745  (1992).

Trevia Wooster Beverly

Houston,  Texas

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> Interesting indeed. Are there similar references works  to cover the 
> subject
> in the U.S. that you would  recommend?
> Thanks,
> Michol Colgan
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> Christy  said:
> "I attended a lecture last night at the Salt Lake  Institute of 
> It
> was given by Warren Bittner and  was a fantastic discussion of researching
> illegitimacy in Europe. I  would highly recommend Warren's presentation to
> anyone with  illegitimate ancestors. The presentation is based on a 
>  (I
> believe he said) of research for his Master's thesis. Some of the  
> were very surprising. Anyway, it was eye opening for me and I  wanted to
> share my impressions in case anyone else gets the  opportunity to attend 
> this
> presentation in the  future."
> I've done some research on this subject  myself although, I'm sure, not to
> the extent of Mr. Bittner.  My  research has also focused on Italy.  For
> those interested, I can  suggest two books, one on infant abandonment and 
> one
> on  midwifery.  These subjects are intertwined.
> "Sacrified  for Honor: Italian infant abandonment and the Politics of
> Reproductive  Control" by David I. Kertzer [He's also written several
> articles on  this subject]
> "The Art of Midwivery: Early Modern Midwives in  Europe" by Nadia Maria
> Filippini
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