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This was actually English common law and you will see the same practice 
in colonial and post-colonial Virginia. You often see a wife getting 
more than a third of the real and personal property by will (usually 
with the proviso that it was a life interest retained until her death or 
marriage). I suspect that it was an incentive not to remarry. Devises 
could be limited by will; a dower interest was for the widow's life 
whether she married again or not.

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On 1/6/2010 4:47 PM, Kathy Gunter Sullivan wrote:
> In North Carolina law, the widow's elective share was what she would 
> have received (one-third of the real estate for life and one-third of 
> the personal property forever) if her husband had died intestate. The 
> widow had the option to decline the husband's provisions for her in 
> his will, and to elect instead to take what she would have received if 
> he had died without a will (intestate). "I shall fly to my thirds."
> Kathy Gunter Sullivan, CG
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> JFonkert at aol.com wrote:
>> Does anyone know the general history of "elective share" of surviving 
>> spouses in testate cases?  I know what modern-day Minnesota law says, 
>> and also know that specifics vary among states.  I am wondering when 
>> such protections became common.  I gather this is an outgrowth of 
>> dower's rights.
>> I am going to be looking at 1840 statutes from a couple of states 
>> tomorrow, but if anyone can give me a quick general picture, I'd 
>> appreciate it.
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