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Michael John Neill mjnrootdig at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 15:45:58 MST 2010

 Pre-writing the obituary is an excellent idea, but remember when you are
dead, you are dead and do have limited control. A relative of mine died a
few years ago and left a lengthy obituary with the funeral director to be
published upon their demise. The family said they wanted nothing published
whatsoever.  There was no death notice and no obituary, nothing. Unusual,
but not unheard of.

Genealogical societies might want to consider publishing occasional
biographies of members in their newsletters as a way of preserving them for
future generations. Space would be less of an issue and they would get
preserved, particularly if the publications were submitted to FHL, LOC,
ACPL, etc. Sometimes we are a little too focused on the past and neglect to
preserve some of the present.
Just my 2cents.

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