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I just ran across an interesting death certificate (interesting in the old Chinese meaning of may you live in interesting times).

This is a City of New York death certificate for Alexander Law.  He died of a fractured skull at 8 am in the Brooklyn docks due to a heavy weight falling on him.  The interested (or frustrating) part of this is the date.  The date of death has a preprinted year -- 1915.  However, the five is overwritten with a six.  But, his burial was at the Holy Cross Cemetery on January 4th, 1915.  Here the final digit is blank and has to be filled in.  Therefore, my problem.  Did he die on 1 January 1915 or 1 January 1916.  I'm trying to track down copies of the Brooklyn Eagle that covers either period.  I have been unable to locate any so far.  Does anyone know of any website that has this newspaper for early 1915 and 1916.

My guess right now is that the correct date is 1 Janaury 1916.  At the start of a new year, I always have to be very careful that I correctly date anything, especially checks.  Many people have this problem.

BTW, he did not have a good new year.

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