[APG Public List] SLIG Dinner

Karen J Matheson kjmatheson at austin.rr.com
Sun Jan 3 23:02:43 MST 2010

Anyone who would like to meet up at SLIG can find me during the orientation 
Sunday evening at 6:30 pm. It will be great to see everyone and make new 
friends (or renew acquaintances) before we start this wonderful week!

I have made dinner reservations for MONDAY evening 5:30 pm at The Garden 
Restaurant, at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.  I will be in 
the lobby of the Radisson at 5:15 pm if you would like to join me there and 
walk over to the restaurant (about 1.5 blocks).  They indicated they would 
try to serve us in one hour, leaving us time to return for the plenary 
session at 7 pm that evening.  You can view their menu at the following 
website: http://www.templesquarehospitality.com/restaurants/garden.php

If you have already emailed me that you plan on attending, there is no need 
to contact me again.

Karen Matheson
kjmatheson at austin.rr.com

Angela, please send this on to the ProGen groups. :) 

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