[APG Public List] predeceased by infant children

Stephen Danko stephen at stephendanko.com
Sat Jan 2 14:17:48 MST 2010

There are several cases of children who died young in my own family. Several of my
aunts, uncles, and cousins died in infancy or in the first few years of life. None have
been mentioned in any obituary.

In fact, when reviewing the obituaries, very seldom were predeceased children or
siblings, even those who survived to adulthood, mentioned in the obituaries of my

I suspect that whoever wrote the obituaries just didn't think it was important to include
those who predeceased the subject of the obituaries.

Stephen J. Danko, PLCGS

> At 06:28 AM 12/23/2009, Ida Skarson McCormick wrote:
> In the case of 2 cousins who died in the last 6 months, one in Michigan and one in
Washington State, I have noticed that although each lost a child in infancy, neither of
those is in the obituary "predeceased by" list. Is this a trend in the funeral industry?
There is not even an allusion to an "infant son."
> --Ida Skarson McCormick, idamc at seanet.com, Seattle
> Ida ----------

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