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Have you tried to communicate with him since December? Is he a "snowbird"
who is not home? Was he ill and should you check the SSDI? 


I would contact him again (registered letter or phone call) and say you
would like to return his items to him. The rest will follow naturally.


I once had a reluctant client to whom I sent a very nice registered letter
after regular letters and emails went unanswered. The registered letter came
back because it was refused or not picked up (I forget which). But by its
very act, I did receive payment.


-- Elissa


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Any thoughts from your experiences with a client who has ignored my billing?


History:  I received a $100.00 retainer in late October after meeting with a
client to do genealogical work.  After using up the retainer, I called the
client to see how many hours he would allow.  He said "40 hours" to me over
the phone.  


I completed the work,spending 24 hours, plus copies and postage.  In late
December I sent him a bill and two large priority packages.  I haven't
received anything from him. 


Should I call him or write him a letter?   Or, hire a lawyer!  By the way, I
have two items that belong to him:  (1) a family history written in 1943 and
(2) a master's thesis written by a family member in the 1970's.



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