[APG Public List] how to cite a transcription of a birth announcement from a newspaper

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Excellent advice, and also from Elissa. Personally, I would want a copy of the original newspaper article, and cite that. For lack thereof, then as you suggest below.

My genie program is Reunion for mac, and it does a wonderful job for creating source citations. Well, almost. Like most genie programs it tries to force my hand into "book" or "bible" or some other formulated pre-printed form. Fortunately, it also allows for "free form" which I can type in my own citation any way I please. (Of course using normal procedures.) I always use "free form" because nearly every source has its own personality and quirks.

If there is a single element to a citation to which we would all agree, it is this: What is your source and where did you get it? Commas, semi-colons and parenthesis are all the little details to which we should all try to adhere as consistently as possible, but the ultimate goal is to tell the reader where one obtained the information. 

My .02 as Elissa says,

Craig Kilby

On Feb 16, 2010, at 9:37 PM, Stewart Millar wrote:

> Jo,
> I am sure that ESM or other EE followers will put you straight on this.
> Any source citation should state clearly and certainly intelligibly, what you have found and where you found it. In this case:
> “Transcription of birth announcement, Coyote Daily News (Coyote, Ford County, Texas), 12 March 1879, www.bestnewspaperarchive.com”
> Remember, the world will not fall apart if you have to invent the structure to a source citation.
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> I am trying to figure out how to cite the following source.  An online transcription/abstraction of a birth announcement from a newspaper.  I have ESM book EE but I don't find what I need.  I am new to this mail list and hope someone can help me.  The online source does provide me with the information about which newspaper the abstraction came from and where I can get an actual copy of the entry. 
> Thanks for any help.
> Regards, Jo Arnspiger

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