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Good advice from your tennis coach. 

What I find is that as you develop your research skills and move about in your genealogy circle you will be asked to help out with this organization or write that article and before long you are doing more and contributing more to genealogy while continuing to learn yourself. Then if you are like many genealogists, "no" is a hard word to say,  so you become very busy indeed. This busy-ness doesn't let you do personal projects such as a certification portfolio until you learn to carve out some space for it. This may occur many years after you are ready to be certified but now you have a nice resume to put in the portfolio. <g>

Bottom line is that some people are over-ready when they apply because they have been kept busy by their activities. However the activities have contributed to their knowledge (if research-based), so involvement is good to achieve. The balance is the key. 

-- Elissa in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Elissa Scalise Powell, CG
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> ...and he said don't focus on their game/skills, play your own
> game that's the only way you can win.
> Oh dear, this is so discouraging. Does one really have to be so accomplished
> in order to earn one's CG? I was hoping to qualify but this makes me tremble
> in my boots!
> Valerie

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