[APG Public List] BCG news

Nancy M. Lyons nancyml at comcast.net
Fri Feb 12 09:03:58 MST 2010

One thing I have learned over the years is that each of us has our own 
particular combination of character/intellectual/emotional traits that make 
us unique. Sometimes we enter into life's scenes comparing ourselves to 
others  instead of being realistic about our own persona. We come to know 
better as adults. I'll bet many of us who are considering taking the 
certification step, and are wringing our hands (myself included) haven't 
asked ourselves what do I bring to the genealogy table? I have to remind 
myself what  problems have I solved and how did I proceed,  how did I know 
what resources to use, how well did I use them, have I helped others along 
the way, how did that turn out, etc.
I use to play tennis like I do genealogy ( I can't do anything a little 
bit), and I told a tennis pro how intimidated I was with this opponent or 
that opponent, and he said don't focus on their game/skills, play your own 
game that's the only way you can win.
I know we all need reassurance, and I know this list is a means to that end. 
It helps to know we are not alone, and that others will take the time to 

Oh dear, this is so discouraging. Does one really have to be so accomplished
in order to earn one's CG? I was hoping to qualify but this makes me tremble
in my boots!


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