[APG Public List] Required Age of female witness to marriage 1806 Virginia

Kathy Gunter Sullivan sully1 at carolina.rr.com
Mon Feb 8 15:21:30 MST 2010

Did the marriage take place before a Justice of the Peace or a minister?
If a minister, what was the religious affiliation?
I don't think the sister had to be age twenty-one under civil law (or 
canonical law) to witness an 1806 marriage (and maybe not today either), 
but I'd have to dig through some files to produce authoritative sources 
for my off-the-cuff opinion.


Kathy Gunter Sullivan
APG Member
Charlotte, North Carolina

CL Swope (alfonsa) wrote:
> My ancestress served as witness for her sister's marriage June 1 1806 
> in Goochland. What does it tell me of her age?  Am I wrong to think 
> that this might mean she was 21 by that date?
> Cynthia

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