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I have a subscription to VitalSearch which provides the California Death 
Index 1905-1929 and 1930-1939 online.  If the person of interest died in Santa 
Clara or a nearby county I can get an informational copy of the death 
certificate for you.  I would possibly be interested in an exchange for a Los 
Angeles County record.

Sheila Prader

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genealogysource at yahoo.com writes:

> I am looking for the death certificate of a gentleman who died between 
> 1932 and 1940 in San Jose, Santa Clara, California.  I've got him on the 1930 
> U.S. Census and on the 1932 San Jose Voter Registration List and then he 
> disappears.  He does not appear in the California Death Index which starts in 
> 1940.  He was born circa 1863 in Denmark.  Does anyone know if the Santa 
> Clara County Recorder will respond to a request for an 8 year range since I 
> don't have a date of death?  I know some counties will and some won't.  If 
> not, is anyone able to do a record locate for me?  I am also a professional 
> genealogist and can pay for service or do an exchange (I am in Los 
> Angeles).
> Mara Fein, PhD
> genealogysource at yahoo.com

Sheila Lee Prader
California Central Coast Family and Local History Research
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