[APG Public List] Anyone bought a "Direct Text" PDF from SUNYPress?

Debbie Parker Wayne debbie at debbiewayne.com
Wed Dec 22 16:35:19 MST 2010

Thanks for confirming it is possible for a vendor to set an expiration 
date on a PDF document, Stephen. I read the same thing you did on the 
website, but wasn't absolutely sure if the 180 day restriction applies 
to the downloaded PDF file also.

No one responded on- or off-list yet with any experience with this 
publisher. I have e-mailed the publisher asking for clarification on the 
legal access restrictions. I'll let the list know what I find out.

Regards, Debbie

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Stephen Danko wrote on 12/22/2010 1:18 PM:
> Yes, Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management can set expiration dates and 
> other controls on PDF,   ...
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> *From:* Michael Hait <michael.hait at hotmail.com> *...*
> When you purchase individual articles from sites like JSTOR, it also 
> states something like “30 day access.” But if you download the PDF, 
> you have unlimited access to your remote copy.
> Can PDF files “expire”? I have not experienced this, but I wouldn’t 
> put anything past modern technology.  ...
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> *From:* Debbie Parker Wayne <debbie at debbiewayne.com> *...*
> Has anyone on the list ever purchased a "Direct Text" PDF from SUNY 
> Press such as the one listed here for Lisi Krall's new book /Proving 
> Up: Domesticating Land in U.S. History/:
> <http://www.sunypress.edu/p-4987-proving-up.aspx>     ...

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