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Valerie asked:
>Keeping in mind Tom Jones' quip that "the only foolish question is the one that is not asked," I wonder if someone could tell me whether or not a Source List is required for every component of the portfolio prepared for submission for a CG? I suspect so, but cannot find it spelled out anywhere in all the various instructions. If not required for every one, for which components is a source list required?

The most important thing to “keep in mind” here is that what you submit in your certification portfolio is a set of work samples of the type genealogists produce “in the real world.” 
If you find a critical document for a client that points in a new direction—or if the client sent you a document with something useful and asked you how to proceed on the basis of the information in the document---you would typically give the client a short list of resources that appear to be appropriate. Therefore, when you do your “document work” in Requirements 3 and 4, you would provide a list of resources, as per the instructions given for 3 and 4.
When you produce a client report, you supply the client with a list of sources you have consulted, right? Therefore, the client report you submit for Requirement 5 will contain a list of sources used, whether they generated positive or negative results.
When you write a case study to resolve a difficult problem, you would not typically attach a list of sources. Rather, you would document your work in accordance with current standards. That means, in presenting your case for submission as Requirement 6, you would cite one or more specific sources for every “statement of fact” that is not public knowledge.
When you write a narrative genealogy or narrative lineage, again the convention isn’t to attach a list of sources. The convention is to document assertions or proof arguments in keeping with current standards—i.e., every “statement of fact” that isn’t public knowledge has to be accompanied by an appropriate identification of source. Therefore, your Requirement 7 will be very carefully documented, but there is no need to attach a generic list of sources.
Best wishes,
Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG
(BCG ex-prez and ex-trustee, who’s still allowed to serve on the Outreach Committee J)
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