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Everett B Ireland ebireland at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 14 17:15:10 MST 2010

There are numerous references to head of family in an excellent book on 
the US Census; 
The full title is: The history and growth of the United States census: 
prepared for the Senate committee on the census, by C.D. Wright ... 
assisted by W.C. Hunt ...(1900).
See page 134 for more details of head of family in 1820 Census.
The book is available at booksGoogle.com.
Everett Ireland

Jean Suplick wrote:

> Please accept my apologies if this question is off topic. I've been to 
> the US Census and NARA websites, and have not found an answer to this 
> question: In the 1810 US census, what constituted a head of household?
> I have a family listed under a man's name, whom I believe to be the 
> 16-25-year-old male in the family, based on several corraborating 
> pieces of information. If he's who I believe him to be, his father is 
> dead by this time and he is the eldest son aged 22. However, there is 
> also a 26-45-year-old male in the household. According to the 
> definitions and guidelines used at the time, is it possible this elder 
> male is *not* the head of the household, but perhaps a farm laborer?
> Thanks,
> Jean Suplick
> Plano, Texas

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