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Congratulations, Michael!

Debbie Hooper

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Subject: [APG Public List] New book published - Kentucky slaves/Civil War

I just wanted to announce the publication of the second volume of my series 
of books transcribing the records of the Slave Claims Commissions, held by the 
National Archives in Washington, D.C.:
Volume Two:  Register of Claims of the Kentucky Commission
The Register of Claims of Kentucky 
Commission contains 2,475 claims entered before the Kentucky Slave Claims 
Commission between 26 November 1866 and 6 April 1867.  The claims were recorded in a tabular 
register which has been reproduced in this volume.  The claims in this volume have been indexed by the names of the claimants 
and by the names of the slaves. 

This 316-page book is available for $19.99 paperback and $15.99 
downloadable PDF e-book. 
For more information and purchasing information, visit  http://haitfamilyresearch.com/SlaveClaims.aspx
Michael Hait
michael.hait at hotmail.com
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