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I believe you have copies of the FHL locality catalog on microfiche.  I remember 
seeing the locality catalog on microfiche on my first visit to the FHL in Salt 
Lake City many years ago, but not on recent visits.  Now, just about everyone 
uses the locality catalog online (it is now called "Place Search").

Stephen J. Danko, PLCGS

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Thank you all for your advice and explanations, but I am still getting nowhere 
with identifying what these microfiche titles mean. Perhaps if I load one up and 
look at some of the pages, I can get an idea.

But here are some random examples

Line One:    Family History Library, Locality Catolog 22 MAR 88, 0060
Line Two:    (smaller font): England, York, Sheffield, Genealogy, (very small 
number) 0230

Line One:    Family History Library, Locality Catalog 28 MAR 88, 0001
Line Two:    Vifginia, (small number) 0854

Here is a series:

Line One:     Family History Library, Locality Catalog, 22 MAR 88,    000
Line Two:    Scotland - Civil Registration, 0728

(Leaving out the Family History Library words on line one):

Line One:     Locality Catalog, 22 MAR 88, 0002
LIne Two:    Scotland - Civil Registration, 0729

Line One:    Locality Catalog, 22 MAR 88, 0003
Line Two:    Scotland - Military Records - Army, 0730

Line One:    Locality Catalog, 22 MAR 88, 0004
Line Two:    Scotland, Banff, Keith - Church History, 0731

Line One:    Locality Catalog, 22 MAR 88, 0005
Line Two:    Scotland, Lanark, Govan - Occupations, 0732

Line One:    Locality Catalog, 22 MAR 88, 0006
Line Two:    Scotland - Shetland - Population, 0733


The top number seems to refer only to the microfich page with this certain 
record collection. The 2nd numbers seem to follow consecutively as well, but to 
what they refer I am cluess.

I have typed in just the titles on line two but only end uup a very broad result 
and if it remotely matches, it is never fo microfiche.

If anyone can explain this code to me, I'll be very grateful. I don't relish the 
though of reading 500 sheets of microfiche when surely there is a catalog for 

Craig Kilby
Lancaster, VA
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