[APG Public List] Background on Darien, Georgia: 1736? - 1760 or Perhaps A Bit Later

Ray Beere Johnson II raybeere at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 11 21:47:07 MDT 2010

     This is slightly off topic, but I believe historical accuracy in _any_ setting serves genealogy well. And there is public relations value in demonstrating that genealogical research can be helpful in other spheres.
     A fellow member of a certain writing site is planning a historical novel set in Darien, Georgia. She has the dates, facts, names, and so on that she needs. She is having trouble finding answers to more basic questions: what did settlers do every day? What was their culture like? They were often fighting: what was it like to be a soldier in that type of battle? She wants to _understand_ their lives, but is "either finding [...] big-picture military facts, or [...] daily life grade school lesson plans that say 'Colonial life was hard.'"
     She would prefer first hand accounts if possible. I've done what I could, but almost all my research was in New England, and most of the rest was in New York. If anyone knows of published material, online transcripts, or anything else that might be useful, and is willing to help, please send the information to me off list and I'll forward it to her.
                              Ray Beere Johnson II


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