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I can add one more piece of information on a grammatical point, but I'm  
still not sure how it would be translated. "Exponodendum" is the gerund  
form of "expono" which is the first person singular of "to explain." So I  
would normally expect to see something like "explaining." But I don't know  
how to put that into "writ to explaining." It can't be "to explain" because  
it wouldn't use the gerund form of the verb translated that way.


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> Mary, not even Bouvier's Law
> Dictionary has this one!
> However, a “capias” was a “writ.”
> Bouvier (his 1856 edition is online at  
> http://www.constitution.org/bouv/bouvier_c.htm)
> explains a half-dozen different types of capias/writs
> but not this one.

> Ad, of
> course, means “to”; but expono has several meanings that essentially boil  
> down to “put
> forth” or “explain.”

> Elizabeth

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> I found this term in a court record and its
> definition was not in my 7th edition of Black's Law Dictionary.
> Capias means "that you take," but what does the rest mean?

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