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Honey, if you have any issues of the NGS Quarterly at hand, you are likely
to find there sample ways of handling the problem. It's a common one.
Best wishes,
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I thought this issue had been brought up previously, but I can't find it in
the archives.  I'm trying to finish up a report for a client and need help,
Censuses for 1870-1920 all show Ellen Smith (not her real name) was born in
New York.  The 1930 census, when she was living with her son, says she was
born in Connecticut.  This son also supplied the information for Ellen's
death certificate and gave Georgia as her place of birth.
The simplest way for me to relate this information is the way I just did,
lumping all those census years (1870-1920) together.  But, how would I
footnote it?  
Help, please!
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