[APG Public List] Ancestry Search - SomethingEVERY Professional Must Consider

Christopher Gray Christopher.Gray at Newscope-Solutions.co.uk
Fri Apr 23 06:27:21 MDT 2010

➢ So as far as passwords go, some security experts are saying don't bother constantly changing them. Doing so won't make a difference for the above reasons. Obviously if it's a case where you definitely know your password has been compromised or inadvertently shared, or your computer has been hacked, that's a different case. But for most of us, if the password is a good one, then leave it be.

I support this argument - I think I have a good one - or rather a small collection of good ones which I use.  I have one for sites that don't involve money, another for government sites and one each for such as paypal, my bank and other money-related sites.  I don't change them.

Where I have access to a system that requires a monthly change - I've borrowed a simple method that I was introduced to some forty years ago - and it still works.


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