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The Family Genealogy & History
Internet Education Directory site
is educationally constructed to
reflect the process used when
actually doing practical genealogy
and family history research.  It is the
generational historian's approach to
the study of the history of families
worldwide, establishing comprehensive
evidence based family studies within
and about the lines of descent from
the researched ancestry.  Resources
are systematically composed into key
information pedigree charts, each
branching down from major topical
data format headings, into descending
sub table knowledge nodes, especially
identified for specific sub subjects and sub
groups, all related back to ascending ladders
of hierarchical linked record references.

ADVANCED research studies, enters
through Schools - Colleges - Universities:
Alumni and Genealogy Education. Includes
information gathered and presented from all
top global university and education systems.
Every country lists university sites with rankings,
ending in Zip (genealogy education), country links
directories, comprehensive site information topics
and Google search data, set with all options online.

CLICK on the Maroon colored country name.
This is a program descending information link
into PROFESSIONAL primary documenting,
using Ancestor Roots Information: OneSource
Genealogy and Family History Searchable
Databases: to make a thorough examination,
evaluation and careful validation of given data
from primary source records and online studies.

CLICK on the first listing of the country name.
This is a program descending information link
into Regional Genealogy and Local History
Research: Local History and Genealogy Portal
to the World, if you are interested in resources
related to BASIC genealogy and family history
research on the Internet.  Recently updated
and indexed, every country in the world has
its own self contained module, providing the
necessary access to genealogy - population
Google books (an online library at your home),
Wikipedia articles and portals, all of the LC -
Library of Congress Portals to the World,
FamilySearch resources (new and Wiki),
given country demographics and ethnic
peoples, with definitions, GenWeb, place
details, general - indexing and language
reference sites; all together in standard
shorthand format, for easy free access.

Respectfully yours,

V. Chris & Tom Tinney, Sr.
Who's Who in America,
Millennium Edition [54th] - 2004
Who's Who In Genealogy
and Heraldry, [both editions]
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