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In Duplin Co., NC, 1811, four men showed up on tax lists of that year.Three
of the men had been on earlier tax lists; the other man was not enumerated
on earlier extant tax lists. Each man had approximately the same amount of
land suggesting to me they might have inherited the lands. Searches for
estates papers of the same surname have yielded no results/information.

Three of the four men were enumerated by name on the Duplin census of 1810.
By 1820 all four had left the area; two moved to Sampson County, NC; 1 moved
to Bladen County, NC, 1830 (have not found him 1820); 1 of the men had moved
to Bladen County where he married, then migrated to GA by 1817.

No sales of any of the land, 1811 or later, under the name of either William
or Samuel WEST has been found. Daniel died in Sampson County; James returned
to Duplin where he lived out his days, dying around 1853.

How do I find where these lands were located?

1806:  Daniel WEST no land, 1 White poll

            James WEST no land, 1 White poll

1807:   P34, Daniel WEST 100A, 1 White poll

            P34, James WEST 100A, 1 White poll

1808:   PP35/40, Samuel WEST 100A, no polls

            Daniel WEST 100A, 1 White poll

            James WEST 100A, 1 White poll

CCR 35.701.3             Tax lists 1811-1817

1811:   P37 William WEST 136A 1 White poll

            P 38: Samuel WEST 106A 1 White poll

            P38: Daniel WEST 140A 1 White poll

            P 38: James WEST 100A 1 White poll

My late sister and I purchased a microfilm reader, and from the NC State
Archives we purchased microfilm.  This partial tax list was copied from the

How to locate land in such a case has been explained to me previously (not
by members of this list---as far as I know), and I just don't get it.
Perhaps someone can recommend an appropriate book for me to study? My lack
of skill with google searches may be the reason google has turned up nothing
helpful to me in this particular matter.

Any and all help appreciated.


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