[APG Public List] Ancestry Public Trees Use of Census Agespre-1850

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  The age in a "timeline" on an Ancestry tree is simply a calculation, based
upon the birth date entered  --- either manually, or by accepting it from a
source added. It has nothing to do with the age shown on each source.

  Example: You list John Doe in the tree as a son of Fred Doe, giving no
date or location for his birth. You find John on the 1880 census, and click
to add it to your tree. You are then given the option of accepting or
rejecting info from the census transcription. The info which will carry to
your tree, if you accept it, will be the year and place of birth, which will
show under "Birth," and the year and place from the census, which will show
under a later item called "Residence." The software will subtract the year
of birth you accept (say 1840) from the census year (1880) and put the
result (40) in the timeline next to the Residence item for 1880..

   Suppose you next find John on the 1900 census, where his year of birth is
shown as 1835. When adding, you can click a box to accept that date. If you
do, all timeline ages will be recalculated.

   I often put the age shown on the census image on the Description line
under Residence Location, to have a quick view of the differing ages my
relatives claimed over the years.

   In other words, in the case cited, the "Timeline" is NOT telling what age
is shown on the 1830 census. It is showing the person's age in 1830 IF, as
you have indicated, he was born in 1780. If you don't enter or accept any
year of birth, the Timeline will not show any ages.

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