[APG Public List] GPS = Forensic Genealogy &InterpretativeGenealogy

LBoswell laboswell at rogers.com
Fri Sep 25 10:22:39 MDT 2009

I decide how and where my genealogical skills or training will be employed, 
and that may or may not be for a 'purely' genealogical purpose.  I would not 
accept any entity making that kind of decision for me. Same way I employ any 
other training, education, or skills that I've acquired.  If you want to 
make a living from genealogical skills/training, it wouldn't be productive 
to limit the ways in which you're willing to employ them.

And ultimately ethical choices are something each of us has to make 
independently.  I *choose* to accept and abide by certain ethical 
guidelines, but if any part of a guideline ever conflicted with my own 
personal ethical views, then I would reject that part.  So far that hasn't 

Skills transfer. Opening up to more possibilities only broadens the range of 
those skills.  Turning away from opportunities means losing chances to 
broaden the scope of those skills.


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