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 Well said, thank you!


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The discussion of ethical and/or consequential issues in a living person case
seems to have centered on clients who may be stalkers or private individuals
who may not want to be found. 

The discussion morphed into a genealogical vs non-genealogical dividing line
based on a very narrow definition of "kinship" as though "real" genealogy is
limited to "who's my granny" questions.

In particular, I am concerned that the idea "just because genealogists have
the skill set, doesn't mean that they should apply it" might be taken entirely
too literally.

There are legitimate clients and projects that are not just concerned with
blood and marriage relationships, but broader kinship based on the same kinds
of communities of interest that any genealogist might need to examine to get
to the blood and marriage relationships.

There is also a distinction between researching a public person and a private

Biographers and journalists need the Genealogical Proof Standard to improve
their disciplines. 

At the very heart of the Genealogical Proof Standard is a merger of the
highest standards in legal and scientific disciplines for answering the
question "Is this the same person?"

DNA evidence is still working it's way through the erroneous consequences
created by older proof systems.

The GPS has even greater potential to cause re-evaluation of flawed logic and
evidence in many disciplines.

The genealogical discipline is not limited to narrow personal applications.
Evaluating people, their work and their spheres of influence is an important
aspect of any kind of research.

Sharon Sergeant

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