[APG Public List] Ancestry census searches, other resources

Rev. David McDonald strude86 at charter.net
Wed Sep 23 13:55:58 MDT 2009

Good afternoon.

In the past, I've had good luck using the databases on Ancestry to do some statistics based on census records. When I now go to do a search in these materials, based on birthplace and locale, only, I find the search results vary widely from what I would expect.

Can anyone identify for me a census database provider, whose materials and search engine will simply let me do a numerical count of persons in a jurisdiction (like a state or county within a state) from a particular jurisdiction (like a state or country). I do not want to have to enter every county in the state individually, I am looking to develop some summary statistics.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Dave McDonald
Rev. Dr. David McDonald, CG(sm)*
Old Northwest Research, LLC

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