[APG Public List] APGPublicList Digest, Vol 3, Issue 25

LBoswell laboswell at rogers.com
Mon Sep 21 09:49:47 MDT 2009

I think searching for living individuals, including adoption searches,  is 
not a service that necessarily falls under the umbrella of the APG.  I think 
for that reason alone anyone who does that type of research might consider 
becoming licensed under state or provincial bodies, whether as an 
investigator or in whatever category is appropriate.  Having a license 
ensures that a client (or an individua being searched for) would have a 
recourse for complaints about the service you provide, given that the APG 
has no say over services that extend beyond professional genealogical 
research, even though such work would use skills and talents acquired as a 
professional genealogist.  A person can wear several professional hats. 
Membership in the APG does not cover my non-genealogical work, nor would I 
accept being bound by any APG guidelines regarding research work I do that 
is not genealogical in nature (though by choice I do adhere to similar 
ethical guidelines whenever serving the needs of my clients).

In Ontario, being licensed as an investigator would make my work subject to 
certain legal provisions as spelled out in law.  I would be comfortable with 
that.  The guidelines are actually tougher than the APG's in the sense that 
they are established by, and subject to legislation.  Something to consider.


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