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"Honey Ryan" <hryansavh at aol.com> wrote:

<Larry, I had signed up and wasn't receiving anything ,either.  So, I checked
<back on the sign up page and noticed that the "unsubscribed"  radio button
<was marked, instead of the "subscribed" one.  So, I clicked to mark the
<"subscribed" radio button, then clicked "update."  I've started receiving
<the emails from the APG list now.  

<I'm wondering, when I thought I was subscribing, if I missed that step.
<Maybe if the buttons said "Subscribe" and "Unsubscribe" it would prevent
<this misunderstanding.
I had a similar glitch – I had checked the “digest mode” but realized later that you have to check both the “subscription” and the “option” update buttons separately. Now that I have got this working, I’d like to know how to read the archives.
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