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Make sure the woman isn't just complaining.  What you described isn't typical at all.  Years ago, when I volunteered at a FHC in the Chicago area, what you described would have been impossible.  I don't believe her story.  There is no reason that she would be forced to pay again if she got the wrong microfilm and the record keeping to keep track of the microfilms ordered wouldn't allow for what she described - especially over and over again.


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As a former FHC Director, I am appalled by the situation you explained. Yes, she should determine which microfilm she wants before she goes. There are existing, printed forms (Order Cards) that each patron's order should be written on. There is no reason stated in FHC guidelines or handbook that says she can't fill out this form herself.  The Order Card has sections for film number and for a description.  There is a pink carbon copy that is given to the patron as a receipt. This is completely standard--I can't understand why the FHC isn't using these. A possible error situation can creep in again--to order the films, the FHC staff has to re-type the number into a computer database that sends the orders via the internet to Salt Lake City.  If they make a typo, the wrong film will show up. A patron can combat this by having a receipt in hand. Also, if she is receiving incorrect films, and the error is on their part, she should not be paying
 AGAIN for them to order the correct one!  Sounds as if this particular FHC needs to be prompted to allow her to fill out her own order form, and then if the film is ordered incorrectly, she has recourse and can stand firm--refuse to pay again.

If this FHC is not following correct procedures as described above, she should definitely escalate to higher authorities.

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>On another list, a woman has been complaining that her local LDS frequently orders the wrong film, then she has to pay again to receive the correct one. When questioned by a list member about the ordering process, it turned out that she receives no receipt or written confirmation about what film she ordered or the film #, just the amount she paid.  A  volunteer does the look-up and orders the film for what the patron wants, but it is often wrong.
>  List members have been suggesting that she look up the film # herself before she goes, ask for a receipt that shows film # ordered, and if the volunteer cannot do that - then speak with a higher authority within the local church or stake.
>  Are there any other suggestions that anyone has?
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