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treviawbeverly treviawbeverly at comcast.net
Sun Sep 6 12:21:11 MDT 2009

Right or wrong, I always try to let common sense prevail.  Why do we do 
references? Not only to tell where
we got it but give enough of a reference if we need to retrace our steps or 
if others need to go to, the roadmap is there.
   Basically, I "give all" in the footnote - giving only the newspaper and 
publishing data in the bibliography.

Article title in quotations, author, issue date, page #, column #, name of 
newspaper in italics, and if from an online newspaper, give the url (even 
though it may not be good in a month).

good information at 

On reason for giving all you can is to facilitate a librarian who you may 
ask to find and photocopy the
article ... make it easy on everyone.

Trevia Wooster Beverly
Houston, Texas

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