[APG Public List] microfilmed newspaper question

Debbie Petrides petrides at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 6 07:51:09 MDT 2009

In looking through Mill's book several times, I can't locate the format for citing a microfilmed newspaper.
In the source list entry, after the newspaper title, there is some confusion over what type of "span" is needed.
1. Do I note the library's entire span of this newspaper, regardless of if I've used it or not?
2. Since I've used only years 1965-1994 of this newspaper's microfilm at that library, do I note it that way?
This is what I have so far:
New York City. Ethnikos Kêryx, ???24 January 1994???. Microfilm. Humanities and Social Sciences Library, New York City.
Thank you again, 
Debbie Petrides

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