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Debbie Petrides petrides at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 5 06:53:51 MDT 2009

We've been lucky in the past few months to uncover a few nuggets about our 4th great-grandfather Stephanos Casanova who was born ca. 1810 on the island of Chios, Greece (then Ottoman).

>From a Danish book that by some miracle we found on Google books and managed to translate partially, we learned that he ended up in the UK in 1824, educated at Borough Road school with other orphans and escapees (some well-heeled) from the Greek Revolution of 1821.  In trying to validate this, a modern journal discussing the history of the BFSS (British Foreign and School Society) cited the following source for his "studenthood":


B.F.S.S. Annual Report xx (1825), pp. 20-1.  


I've searched for this and I believe it is now housed at Borough Road, now part of West London Institute of Higher Education.


I'd like to enlist someone out there to dig this up for my family.  Please contact me offline and send me a quote.

We're hoping that more than just his name is listed in this Report.


Thank you so much,

Debbie Sideratos-Petrides

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