[APG Public List] Anybody out there?

jfonkert at aol.com jfonkert at aol.com
Thu Sep 3 10:26:20 MDT 2009

I know that a lot of APG members have joined the members-only list, but I've encourage them to keep following the public list, too.? I'm sure that when people post questions to the public list, many APG members will still respond.? I fear that some APG members may not realize that they need to re-subscribe to the public list if they want to follow it.?? That may explain some of the quiet, but both the public and members-only list have been quiet this week due to the FGS Conference.

Jay Fonkert, CG

Saint Paul, Minnesota

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Well, I think I've got the new list thing going on,  but it seems awful 
quiet in here. Could somebody assure me I'm in the right room?

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