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I'd be glad to have the CD's :)

Kindest Regards,

Lynita "Stubby" Tate
Just my humble opinion. I am not an expert.

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Au contraire. We have this set at the Mary Ball Washington Museum and  
Library (Lancaster, VA), and we DO use it-all the time. Don't be too  
quick to get rid of it. We find people on those CDs that you won't  
find using ancestry.com due to the many spelling errors on ancestry.  
It is a vastly superior *alternative* to what you may think is  
something better (and yes we also subscribe to ancestry.com).

If you are really intent on getting rid of it, please consider  
donating it to the nearest genealogical/historical  society/library.

Craig Kilby
Lancaster, VA

On Sep 3, 2009, at 11:11 AM, Claire Bettag wrote:

> Before I throw these disks out...
> I'm clearing out some "stuff" and have the CD set of "1880 United
> States Census and National Index" put out some years ago by Family
> Search. I can't imagine anyone uses these any more, with all the
> alternatives we have. Nevertheless, if anyone wants the set (along
> with the viewer), and is willing to pay for shipping, let me know
> privately. Maybe a library? Any suggestions on how to dispose of them
> (short of throwing into the trash) appreciated.
> Claire
> Claire Bettag
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