[APG Public List] Removing returns in a word processing doc or PAF

Rondina Muncy rondina.muncy at gmail.com
Sat Oct 31 11:40:24 MDT 2009

Cafi and Ray and not to forget John Boggess,

Ok. What I'm going to have to do is to go back and take all these
suggestions and work with them. I need to copy her PAF file onto my computer
and try all these methods out. I downloaded PAF, but when I was there I
couldn't figure out how to move her PAF file onto my laptop. (Definitely not
a techie.) I'll have to print out the directions everyone gave me and from
the sites first. She has dial-up, so any attempt to access my email failed
when I was there. I can see this is something that I will have to go through
myself and do as Cafi suggested. I'm thinking that what she really might
need is to just do this in NotePad when she gets ready to print. I think
that the end product is printed, so why correct it in PAF? She could correct
it each time she printed out relatively quickly in her world.

I appreciate everyone's help with this. It is really hard to communicate how
difficult these things are for her to do. Can you imagine working with a 5X5
magnifier on your screen AND a magnifying glass in order to see your work? I
would love to see her be able to get on with her genealogy rather than
removing carriage returns. I'll let you know the results. Thank you again
for you all taking the time to try to help me help her.

Rondina P. Muncy
Ancestral Analysis
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Grapevine, Texas 76051
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