[APG Public List] Removing returns in a word processing doc or PAF

Richard A. Pence richardpence at pipeline.com
Fri Oct 30 21:11:13 MDT 2009


There is still an active group of PAF users here in the Washington area (the 
Capital Area PAF Users Group), some of whom I have known for 25 years or 
more. I thought I recalled a program to remove the line feeds from PAF 
citations and I was right - but so far no one has come up with a copy of the 
utility. However, I did get some suggestions that may help your cousin.

I wrote in CPAFUG:

> Cheryl and All:

> The following is from another mailing list. I thought perhaps someone
> here might have a suggestion on this.
>> This week I met a distant cousin for the first time. She is older
>> and is going blind. We exchanged our genealogy data. Mine all
>> documention, hers in PAF. She showed me that because when she used
>> the first version of PAF there was no word-wrap, so she is slowly
>> going through her PAF notes and removing all the returns manually.
>> This is extremely time consuming, but to make matters worse, she
>> uses a magnifier that is controlled by her mouse AND a magnifying
>> glass to read the screen. There has got to be a better way. At some
>> point in the last few years, someone taught me how to do this to
>> email messages that had returns in them, but I can't place any notes
>> that I may have taken on the process. If anyone knows how I could
>> shorten this process for this kind cousin, I would greatly
>> appreciate you passing it on to me. Thank you.

You're right, there was a program around back when PAF 4 or
5 was new and shiny that removed those line breaks.  SOME
folks who used weren't pleased, because people often have
formatted stuff in their notes (a list of household members
on the 1850, f'instance?) and removing line breaks surely
messes those formatted areas up nicely.  Fixing those is
almost as time-consuming as what she's doing.

There's also the "Call in a Tech-inclined Teenager"
approach.  EXPORT everything out of PAF into a GEDCOM file.
OPEN the .ged file in anything;
SAVE the .ged again being sure to select PLAIN TEXT!
IMPORT .GED into a new PAF file.
COMPARE origin file with new file ... if everyone is in the
2nd file and there are no painfully obvious errors, move the
original file to a directory labelled "DELETE THIS FILE IN
90 DAYS".



- - - - - - - - - -

There is a little program called eCleaner that takes symbols out of
forwarded messages that might work.  I have version 2.01 which was
free.  I don't know where it is available, but is probably still
available somewhere by Googling.

Richard Pence

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