[APG Public List] Trying To Locate Specific Site Mentioned On OldList

Donna McClure dmc68 at nycap.rr.com
Fri Oct 30 19:15:54 MDT 2009

I believe this is the link you are searching for: 

It is focused on the Willard Psychiatric Center in the Finger Lakes region 
of Upstate New York.

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From: "Ray Beere Johnson II" <raybeere at yahoo.com>

>     It was a site which offered "case studies", or really brief sketches, 
> of the lives of a handful of inmates of a particular state hospital or 
> asylum. I believe the hospital was in upstate New York, but I'm not 
> certain of that. There were photos and a brief biographical sketch, along 
> with photos of the possessions they left behind.
>     If anyone can locate the link, or knows anything more about the site 
> I'm referring to, I'd appreciate the information. Thanks!
>                            Ray Beere Johnson II
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