[APG Public List] Trying To Locate Specific Site Mentioned On Old List

Ray Beere Johnson II raybeere at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 29 21:18:22 MDT 2009

     I've just spent a frustrating time searching the old APG List archives, trying to locate a site that was mentioned within the last year or so, and hope someone else can think of better search terms than the ones I tried.
     It was a site which offered "case studies", or really brief sketches, of the lives of a handful of inmates of a particular state hospital or asylum. I believe the hospital was in upstate New York, but I'm not certain of that. There were photos and a brief biographical sketch, along with photos of the possessions they left behind.
     If anyone can locate the link, or knows anything more about the site I'm referring to, I'd appreciate the information. Thanks!
                            Ray Beere Johnson II


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