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Males inherit a single X chromosome from their mother and they get a Y from 
 their father. Females inherit TWO X chromosomes -- one from their mother 
and the  other from their father. Normally, taken alone, I'd not be able to 
tell which  was which--but this match has to be with my dad's X because my 
mother's wouldn't  have matched his from his mother because our relationship 
is provable through my  dad and his mother. His mother had TWO X chromosome 
as all females do--but she  would only pass one along to her son or daughter 
and the father would contribute  the other -- an X or a Y depending upon the 
sex of the child. (There are some  rare males who inherit an extra X and 
are XXY but that is very rare and, don't  laugh, has been associated with a 
proclivity for being a mass murderer--for  real, I'm not making this up). 
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what a  great story Joan!  I'm going to have to try 23andme now.  I'm just  
curious about one little thing, you wrote, "what we share is a 
mind-boggling match on the X  chromosome--through his mother (his only X) and my X 
inherited from  my father."  What did you mean by "his only X?"  I assume you 
mean  his mother's only  X?

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