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Which is why I suggested that everything should be cataloged 'as is' first, 
then after that step, subsequently  a filing system created, so that an 
overview of the whole collection has been recorded first.  You have to know 
what's there, and how things relate to each other, before you can evaluate 
how items relate to each other (and hence how they should be file).

That catalog also will allow one to find items that are related, but aren't 
in near proximity as things stand now.

By catalog, a simple itemized list, with enough description so that an item 
can be identified from its description, and record where located (before the 
file system is developed)

Larry, from a cataloguer's viewpoint.
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  Before rearranging material for easier access, make sure you are not 
losing any information provided by the original arrangement, as happens when 
cemetery burial records are rearranged alphabetically to make them easier to 
find, but in the process losing the information about who is buried next to 

  As an example, undated documents in a family collection may be filed with 
otherwise unrelated ones from the same period. If removed to a more logical 
arrangement of files associated with the originator or the subject, 
information about the date of the document could be lost.

  From an archivist's perspective,.
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