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I would suggest CLOOZ which is an electronic filing cabinet software designed for just the document filing disaster you have described.  The website is:  www.ancesterdetective.com 


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Hello All,
This is my first time posting to this list, so please bear with me.  I recently agreed to help a woman organize her collection of family memorabilia.  It turns out that she has about 5 banker boxes of mostly letters between many family members; interspersed with written works, certificates (mostly from educational institutions I believe),  diaries, etc.  Many family members have been involved in important organizations and events.  She didn’t even show me the room with the photos yet!  She has 4 4-drawer file cabinets that she is hoping to have everything organized in.  She does have a fairly outdated but working PC, with dial-up internet connection, and I believe I have talked her into downloading the free version of Legacy so that we can start inputting information in as we go along,  She has also done quite a bit of research over the years, but doesn’t have it organized.  Being in the process of starting a genealogy business offering this
 type of service, I feel this is a perfect worse-case scenario, and am hoping to gain some good experience in what kind of collections like these are out there.  Does anyone have any advice?  I’m thinking that the letters should be tackled first, and have them , perhaps, in chronological order?  Or should the be organized by family member?   I think the majority of the letters are between her parents.  This woman is in her mid 80’s by the way, and she comes from a family of “keepers” as she calls it.
Thanks in advance for any input on my adventure!

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