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In addition to Deb's very good advice, I have ordered some older marriage records directly from the county in which they occurred.  I believe that the state records are simply certificates reflecting the county licenses and returns.  Virginia marriage records also generally name the parents.  However, my experience in Virginia is in the late 19th for birth and marriage, and early 20th for death, so the laws may have changed in that time.


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Subject: [APG Public List] Virginia Records

      I could use some help.

      I sent a check to the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Health for a birth (4 Jul 1906), marriage and death (24 Nov 1974) record for John Melvin Barnett. I do not know this person's parents - this is what I'm trying to find out. I also do not know exactly what county these events occurred, probably Russell or Tazewell. I have an exact name and exact date of birth and death. How many persons meeting that description could there be? So they sent my check back requesting the above information...which I am trying to find out. If I had it, I wouldn't have had to request the information.

      Is there someone I could pay to go there physically and retrieve these records?


      Bud Dorr
      Casco, Maine 


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