[APG Public List] Genealogical Career info

Jeanette Daniels jeanettedaniels8667 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 17 07:49:45 MDT 2009

What career goals have you achieved or aspire to achieve using your
genealogical knowledge? 

(1) Start a Genealogical Research business and make it successful.

(2) Make a profit with a genealogy business within the 5 years.

(3) Become Certified or Accredited or obtain a degree in genealogy.

(4) Get published in NGSQ, APGQ, other genealogical type magazines.

(5) Lecture at Local or Regional Genealogy Conferences

(6) Lecture at a National Conference (NGS or FGS)

(7) Publish Genealogy Books

(8) Teach Genealogy to others 

How do you plan to achieve your career goal? 

(1) Contact the Small Business Administration and receive counseling for my 
specific business needs.  

(2) Read marketing materials 

(3) Design an effective business stationery, web blog, website.

(4) List my services with local, regional, and national libraries and record repositories.

(5) List my services with the local FHC in my area.

(6) Became active in APG.

(7) Reading NGSQ, APGQ, the APG email lists, UGA quarterly.

(8) Obtain education through attending local, regional and national conferences, completing
NGS home study course, IGHR (Samford),  Salt Lake Genealogical Institute, 
college courses or obtaining degrees in genealogy.

(9) Join several website lists advertising genealogical research. (Ancestry Expert Connect, etc.)

How did you achieve your goals?

(1) working with real estate developers needing building histories for National Register 
nominations and Federal Historical Tax Credits.

(2) working with lawyers to settle land disputes through tracing land ownership and boundaries.

(3) working for self or genealogical research firms - tracing ancestry for clients.

(4) writing and publishing genealogical books.

(5) working with anthropologists on research projects involving DNA testing of remains and 
tracing all ancestry needed for that to be successful.

(6) teaching genealogy at the college level.

(7) working with lawyers on forensic genealogical services cases (missing heir research) 

(8) working with medical research doctors providing genealogical information for DNA 
studies (genetic research)

(9) offering photo restoration services

(10) offering story booking and scrap booking services 
(11) networking with other genealogical professionals, lawyers, real estate developers, doctors.
I hope these ideas give you additional ways to further your own goals or to expand your businesses.  
Thanks to all who responded.


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