[APG Public List] Land Entry Files

Judy frostfree12 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 16 10:18:52 MDT 2009

Karen wrote >Do the Cash entry files contain much genealogical information? Is it worth the time and money to order the land entry file for a Cash Sale under the Act of 1820?<

My short answer is "I don't know," but **if** the file contains the application for the Warrant for Survey it would say where the applicant resided at the time, or "late of . . ." which might be genealogically helpful in linking a person between different residences.  A more remote possibility is explanation that the applicant had inherited right of a recently deceased (hopefully named) parent.

I do not know if the application for warrant would be in the file.  If you get the file, and it does include the application, do let us know . . . :)

Good hunting,


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