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It was used as a medicine.

Acorus calamus (Sweet Flag, Calamus Root)

Acorus calamus (Sweet Flag, Calamus root) grows in northern latitudes around
the globe. It is water loving and is usually found in wetlands and around
the edges of lakes and streams. 

Acorus Calamus root has a long history of usage. Many Native American tribes
were familiar with Calamus. It was used as an anesthetic for toothache and
headaches. The Cree say that they can take Acorus Calamus root and "travel
great distances without touching the ground." 

In mild doses Acorus Calamus root was commonly used as a stimulant to combat
fatigue while larger doses were thought to produce a psychedelic effects.
Walt Whitman enjoyed the effects of Acorus Calamus root during long walks in
the country and wrote lovingly of it in many of his poems. It was a common
ingredient during the middle ages in European witches "flying brews."


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