[APG Public List] How does Ancestry.com do this?

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The book may be out of print.  That is one way that allows for the free use of something until there is another printing.  If it is still for sale at GPC, there must be some special agreement.  If the book is temporarily out of print, then this would be ok until the next printing of the book is available again through GPC.


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(I first sent this using a different email address which of course  
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> I have a question I hope some of you can ask. How can ancestry.com  
> put books that are still under copyright and still for sale from the  
> publisher (in this case a book copyrighted in 2003 and still for  
> sale from Genealogical Publishing Company) on their web site free to  
> subscribers? How does this work?  Maybe ESM, as an author published  
> by the GPC label could explain it for me.
> Craig Kilby

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