[APG Public List] Participating in Evaluations

Ida Skarson McCormick idamc at seanet.com
Wed Oct 7 21:20:13 MDT 2009

No one has yet commented on the cases where there is a 2-year lag 
time between one conference and the next one that can be impacted by 
the results of evaluations. Some conferences put out the call for 
speaker proposals about a year and a half before the next conference 
and make very early decisions. Thus a 2010 conference which had 
evaluations would have no impact on the 2011 conference under this 
early decision making procedure. The 2010 presentation evaluations 
could/would impact the 2012 conference at the earliest.

No one has yet responded to my questions posted on Oct 6th under the 
subject line "evaluations of conference lecture proposals." There is 
a lack of information at the proposal stage of the process. That 
seems to me to be the other side of the coin.

--Ida Skarson McCormick, idamc at seanet.com

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