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Wanda --

Wanda, I think you're on to something. Questions of that sort might help me 
figure out what went right and what went wrong, stimulate thought of related 
questions. And especially for the less advanced talks. The less context I have -
- the lower on the learning curve -- the harder it is for me to tell what's 
really going on, because so much of the experience is new, and I'm so busy 
reacting to it I can't always stand it at arm's length and evaluate it. 
Sometimes I think an end-of-conference form might be good, but of course it 
would be very easy to forget to fill it out at all at that point!


> Sometimes I wonder if the questions on the evaluation form are too generic. We 
> get accustomed to the questions and scales and don't focus on what may be more 
> important questions. I don't have the answers, but it would be more meaningful 
> in some situations to have an evaluation form with questions formulated 
> specifically for that presentation - i.e., was the level of knowledge 
> appropriate to the attendees, was the lecture sufficiently comprehensive, did 
> the lecture take the direcftion you expected, was material covered what you 
> anticipated, did you learn anything new, how did the speaker relate to the 
> audience, did the presentation leave you wanting to know more, how many times 
> have you heard this same lecture.
> Just thoughts on a rainy afternoon . . .
> Wanda Samek
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