[APG Public List] Participating in Evaluations

Kathy Gunter Sullivan sully1 at carolina.rr.com
Tue Oct 6 13:55:28 MDT 2009

Wanda, your comment is what I was thinking, as well. If the evaluation 
questions are too open-ended or ask for an essay answer, people tend to 
skip over them. The questions do need to be specific and relate to the 
particular presentation.

Kathy Sullivan
Charlotte, NC

Wanda Samek wrote:
> Sometimes I wonder if the questions on the evaluation form are too 
> generic.  We get accustomed to the questions and scales and don't 
> focus on what may be more important questions.  I don't have the 
> answers, but it would be more meaningful in some situations to have an 
> evaluation form with questions formulated specifically for that 
> presentation - /i.e., was the level of knowledge appropriate to the 
> attendees, was the lecture sufficiently comprehensive, did the lecture 
> take the direcftion you expected, was material covered what you 
> anticipated, did you learn anything new, how did the speaker relate to 
> the audience, did the presentation leave you wanting to know more, how 
> many times have you heard this same lecture./
> Just thoughts on a rainy afternoon . . .
> Wanda Samek
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